Thursday, September 8, 2011

An Introduction to "Explore to Learn"

     Welcome everyone to our VERY new "Explore to Learn" early literacy blog.  As a brand new blogger, I am excited about this opportunity and would appreciate ANY and ALL feedback you can provide.
     First, a little background information.  The Mooresville Public Library is located in Mooresville, Indiana, which according to the 2000 Census, has a population of around 9200 people.  Although located in Morgan County, the Mooresville Public Library is a township library and has no affiliation with the Morgan County Public Library system.  The Mooresville Public Library is a part of Evergreen Indiana, a state-wide consortium that allows for book borrowing across the state.
     As the Early Literacy Specialist, it is my job to plan and implement all programs for children ages newborn to six years old.  At this time, I offer between seven and nine programs a week for this age group.  I have been at the library for a little over two years and absolutely love it.  Each day brings something new and exciting.  To say that these kids keep me on my toes is an understatement.  Recently, the library underwent a strategic plan implementation in order to create more focused and future-driven goals.  From that plan came the idea for this blog!
     So what are you going to find on this blog?  Each week I will post the books, songs, crafts, and anything else we may have done that week at Story Time.  I will also post a small thirty to forty-five second video clip to provide a visual representation of the ideas that worked and even those that did not.  While not an expert, I have over two years experience in the field and am continually learning new things each and every day!  My goal for this blog is to create an educational space for parents, caregivers, and perhaps other librarians who are looking for that next great idea!
     I hope you log-on for my next post about all things concerning the letter A!

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  1. Hi Jaymi and Sam!! I look forward to viewing your adventures :o)