Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Special Christmas Edition!

Merry Christmas!  I absolutely love this holiday!  It is my favorite!  It is hard not to get excited when the kids come in all ready for Christmas!  I think that I work with the best age group in regards to Christmas!  Their ideas on Santa Claus, Rudolph, the elves and reindeer, as well as the North Pole never cease to amaze me!

This edition of the Explore to Learn: Early literacy blog is going to be a bit different.  Instead of giving you step-by-step of what we did, I am going to put it in pictures!  I will give you a few book, song, and craft suggestions!


This book is great for younger children.  I love counting
books and this book counts backwards.  There are also some
great sound effects in this one!

Who doesn't love Ollie books?  This book is also
great for a younger audience.  They will have
no problem sitting through this one!

Pop-up! Say no more!  I read this to a mixed ages
group with no problems at all!
Who doesn't love the "If You Give" mouse books?
I don't know a single good who doesn't giggle at
all the mischief this little mouth causes.

A holiday classic!  If you haven't read this yet... DO!  Although a
bit long, the pictures are beautiful and will keep your child's attention!

Everyone needs a good Christmas bedtime story, right? 
This one is more about winter than Christmas,
butit is still a great tale.
Perhaps my kids favorite that I read.  Anything by
Robert Sabuda is great!  He takes this classic
and makes it so much fun with the pop-ups!

Need a book that covers Christmas and New Year's?  This is it!
With great rhyming lines, you can't go wrong with this choice!


Found here.

Found here.

 Found here.

This is the version of the song that I use every year!

Jingle Bells... this isn't the version I use, but how
cute is this video?!

We Wish You a Merry Christmas video.. GREAT FOR KIDS!

     Well, that is it for 2011! Thanks for tuning in and we will see you in 20121  Have a safe and happy holidays from Miss Jaymi and the Mooresville Public Library!

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