Friday, February 24, 2012

R is for... Racecar! AND Cauli Le Chat Appreciation Day! (Wait, there's no R in Cauli?!)

     I know I say this a lot, but it was a big week at the Mooresville Public Library this week!

1)    It was Cauli Le Chat Appreciation Day! More on that later.

2)    We got our eggs for our annual chick hatch.

3)    We had all of our regularly scheduled programs!

Sounds busy, right?

     For those of you who don’t know, Cauli Le Chat is our feline roving reporter here at MPL.  February just so happens to be Cat Appreciation Month and Cauli wasn’t feeling the love.  Thus the Boss Lady, as Cauli calls her, decided to declare Wednesday, February 22, as Cauli Le Chat Appreciation Day.  Of course, we had to celebrate this monumental occasion in Story Time as well. So, what did we do?

The banner we made for Cauli Appreciation Day.
Yes, we. Though he will loathe me admitting it,
Sammy the Toucan helped me create this beautiful banner!

In honor of Cauli Le Chat Appreciation Day,
we read many cat books! Splat the Cat is
a funny guy that every kid will be guaranteed to love.
Another favorite of mine is the Laura Numeroff
"If You Give," series.  You will not be disappointed
if you pick this one up.  Though be prepared,
you child will probably want a cupcake at the end!
A great book to talk about animals, shapes, and sizes,
as well as love.  This is a cute book that is short and to
the point.  Your child will have no problem sitting through it.

All kids at the library were allowed to participate
in the Cauli Appreciation Day Color Contest.
Stay tuned, winners will be announced on Tuesday!

     As the second note mentions, our library got eggs!  That’s right, for the third year in a row; we will be hatching chickens at the library.  Last Friday, we started regulating the temperature of our incubator, and on Tuesday the eggs were put in, beginning the three week process.  Sometime next week, we will start candling the eggs to see if life is beginning to take shape and in three weeks time, we will have baby chicks running all over the library.  If you are interested in fostering baby chicks for a couple of weeks, call us at the library to get all the details!  If you would like to follow the chicks' progress, follow Miss Suzanne's chick blog at

Fresh eggs just ready for incubating!

The incubators. We will start with just one,
howeveronce the eggs hatch, we will move them
to the second incubator for fluffing. 

And the finished product, for now.  The eggs will remain
in the incubator for three weeks.  After this period we will
hopefullystart to hear chirping and eggshells cracking as
our babies make their way into the world!  It really is exciting!
     And now on to our regularly scheduled program, Letter of the Week!  This week was all about the letter R.  I went with racecar because I thought the boys in class might appreciate it.  I also later realized that I could have used road to coordinate with racecar.  Oh well, here is what the letter R looked like this week!

Materials:  Index card with capital R, 2 sticker racecars, and crayons

Front of card

Back of card

1)    Color the capital R to look like a road.

2)    Trace the capital and lower case Rr on the back of the card.

3)    Peel the racecar stickers and stick them on.

     The book I chose to read this week is one that I have actually already ready to the 4 to 6 year olds so it may look a bit familiar.  He Saves the Day by Marsha Hayles was a great read for the 2 and 3 year olds.  Although it didn’t eexactly state racecar in the book, it was very obvious that the boy character was riding along in his make-believe racecar.  It is a fun and exciting book, with a great ending for all the moms out there!

     Well, that’s it!  Personally, I think that’s enough excitement for one week! I am exhausted!  If you watched this week’s video, you would know that next week is Ss.  Sammy the Toucan thinks I should dedicate this day to him.  Who knows, guess you and Sammy will both have to wait and see what new and exciting things happened next week! Stay tuned!

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