Friday, March 2, 2012

S is for... Sharks, Spiders, SAMMY, and Seuss!

     Sammy totally made me write his name in all capitals!  He really is that excited for his “special” day.  I haven’t had the heart to tell him that it is really just “S” week.  Oh well!  If it makes Sammy happy, then let’s go with it!
     Like I mentioned previously, the alphabet letter this week was “S.”  I decided to go with spiders, because everyone loves spiders, right?  Haha, no way!  I hate spiders, but the kids seemed to really be into this week’s craft.

Materials:  Index card with capital S, 8 strips of black paper, googley eyes, glue stick, crayons

Front of card

Back of card

1)    Color the capital S to look like a spider.

2)    Trace the upper and lower case Ss on the back of the card.

3)    Accordion fold the 8 strips of black paper to make the spider legs.

4)    Stick on the googley eyes and glue down the accordian legs to create your spider!

     Our second craft this week was rather creepy and scary as well. SHARKS!  Yes, I know it isn’t Shark Week, however, it fit so well, and the craft I found was so cute.  All you need is a paper plate, scissors, glue stick, and blue construction paper.  If you really want to get festive, add some googley eyes to the mix.  I found the craft here.

     I know that I work in a library and that I should be up-to-date on great kid lit, however, as mentioned before, I have a tendency to pull books that my kids just don’t like.  This, however, was NOT the case this week.  I found the BEST books for both spiders and sharks!  In fact, my shark book had spiders in it!  Both of these books are funny with some humor that is not only great for kids, but adults as well!

     You know, I often write about the songs I use in class, however, most of them are action based.  Let's be honest, when you work with 0-6 year olds, the more action, the better!  However, I also have two great "Goodbye" songs that my kids really like.  In fact, I have had one parent ask me where she could find the goodbye song because in my class, is triggers the start of "clean-up" toy time and she was hoping it would do the same for her child at home!  I think that is just hilarious! 

The first song I use is called the "Goodbye Song," by Playhouse Disney.

The other song I often use is from this CD.
It is the last song in this video and starts at 7.32.

     Well, that seems to be all for this week! WAIT!!!  I forgot one really important thing!
Today is Read Across America Day.  This is in celebration of Dr. Seuss' birthday.  In fact, if Dr. Seuss was still alive, he would be 108 years old today! WOW!  Here at the Mooresville Public Library, we love Dr. Seuss!  I mean, who doesn't?  Here are some of our favorite Seuss books.  What are yours?

This was my FAVORITE book growing up! My poor
mom had to read this to me over and over!

     Well, that is officially it for this week!  Next week is T.  The possibilities a limitless with T.  Come back next week to see what we think of!

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