Saturday, August 25, 2012

Miss Jaymi and The Final Goodybye

      So this is it, the final goodbye.  For those of you who don't know, I have decided to take a job at IU Health Morgan Hospital.  Its closer to home, a short commute, a new direction in life.  This change means many things for me.  It means new people, new experiences, and a new adventure.  It means a chance to learn a new field (Public Relations) and ultimately it means a chance to grow.  It also mean venturing into the unknown! SCARY!

The new place of employment, IU Health Morgan.

     The past three years at MPL have been filled with good times and great people.  When I started at MPL I never thought I would be able to accomplish all the things I have while also learning so much about myself.  When I came to MPL, we had a vision for early literacy and the importance we wanted it to have within the Mooresville Community.  I am so lucky that I was given this program and told to tackle it however I saw fit.  My creative juices started flowing and through a lot of hard work, determination, and word-of-mouth, Story Time programs at MPL spread like WILDFIRE!

I will miss this place.

     MPL went from three weekly early literacy programs in June of 2009 to nine weekly programs by August of 2012.  Besides Baby Time, 2s and 3s Time, Story Time, and Pajama Time, we have created partnerships with Mrs. Bungard at Neil Armstrong, Ms. Mosier and Children's Park, Mrs. Tiley at Waverly Elementary, The Jackson Center, Children's Christian Playhouse, The Preschool, Mooresville Head Start, and the list could go on.  We have offered special programming for Super Heros, Fancy Nancy, "If You Give" books, Teddy Bear Sleepovers, Mother-Daughter Tea Parties, Bubble Lab, Water Lab, Archeology Lab, Music Lab, and Campfire Tales.  We actually started a Baby Summer Reading program that other libraries across the state are starting to emulate! I have had the opportunity to attend Mother Goose on the Loose, CYPD, PLA, and ECRR.  When you spell it all out, boy was I busy!  But truthfully, I wouldn't have traded any of those experiences or relationships for the world!

Baby Time. 

Halloween 2s and 3s Time.

Story Time.

Fancy Nancy Tea-Party! Oooo La La!

Teddy Bear Sleepover.

Super Hero Party.

Bubble Lab.

Archaeology Lab.

Music Lab

Kinder Corner, Thanksgiving Pitch-In.

Water Lab.

Children's Park.

     I have said it numerous times, but I will say it again, the Mooresville Public Library is a GREAT place to work. MPL is a place filled with people who are kind, compassionate, caring, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, creative, and are truly invested in the needs of the community.  I am blessed to have worked in a place that has allowed me to flourish while also giving me an opportunity to find who and what I want to be.  Trust me when I say that leaving MPL was not an easy decision.  There are so many people I am going to miss at MPL, but none more than my Story Time kids.

Suzanne and I with our "Where the Wild Things" cut-outs.

     The children of my Story Time classes have truly touched my heart and I can honestly say I will never forget them.  Children like Elijah, who is the only kid to have attended all three stages of my classes to Brody, my little wild man!  Gabby with her enthusiastic outlook on EVERYTHING to Adalyn and her love of stuffed animals.  I have seen Emery go from being a big sister not once, but twice!  Then there are those that moved away, like Ella and Duncan, that I haven't forgotten.  Anna, Jill, Jack, Kalyn, Madison, Chelsea, Cody, Tucker, Sarah, Isaiah, and Joshua successfully completed my attempt at enhancing their Kindergarten experience through Kinder Corner, and boy did we all learn a lot through that one!  And, in true Story Time fashion, here is my valid attempt to list as many kids as I can remember, to not only "make it fair" but for my personal recollection as well.

Tate, Taylor, Ryleigh, Molly, Maddie, Avery, Rockford, Jensyn, Paul, Jacob, Willow, Bradley, Drew, Derek, Hudson, Sawyer, Ben, Jack, Joslyn, Carrie, Kane, Sally, Veronica, Brody, Elijah, Kalyn, Vivian, Cooper, Jesse, Patrick,  Madison, Parker, Kallie, Chelsea, Kendall, Abigail, Oliver, Emma, Harper, Scarlett, Henry, Arianna,  Melissa, Tait, Julian, Harrison, Carly, Allison, Malachi, Shaylee, Emma, Caraline, Kera, Wyatt, Emery, Ella, Maggie, Alaina, Sheldon, Lydia, Julia, Annabelle, Ashlyn, Dax, Kate, Carson, Truett, Gabby, Adalyn, Zane, Ryan, Katelyn, Jill, Azalia, Jack, Brendan, McKenzie, Anna, Allie, Evan, Ethan, Silas, Meike, Peyton, Arralynne, Jackson, Trey, Addison, Sarah, Maelyn, Cody, Faith, Izzy, Quinn, Rayah, Calvin, Elliott, Amara, Sydney, Vince, Adam, Noah, Nicholas, Lily, Lincoln, Aubrey, Elenai, Colton, Amelia, Stephan, Laney, Owen, Kennedy, Aaron, Zoe, Wren, Alec, Ezra, Ezekial, Jolie, Evie, Alice, Bastian, Ryder, David, Kaylee, Ava, Lacey, Sadie, Madeline, Wade, Connor, Scott, Colin, Ruby, Carter, Grayson, Amylia, Bella, Isaiah, Tyler, Sophia, Zach, Rebecca, Gracie, Sammy, Dylan, Logan, Jamie, Larissa, Lynnsey, Genevieve, Maren, Brooklyn, Leila, Landin, Lucas, Nolan, Jillian... and I am sure there are more.

(I will probably keep adding to this list as I remember more!)

And one more, because I can.
     The time has come to close out on my last post as the owner of the Explore to Learn: Early Literacy blog.  What started as a way for MPL to connect with parents and other libraries quickly turned into a place for me to collect memories.  At the end of each week, I looked forward to being able to get it all out and hope that someone, somewhere, was able to use it.  In closing, I simply ask one thing.  Give the new Early Literacy Assistant as the MPL a chance.  

Remember, give the "New Miss Jaymi" a chance.

     I have put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into creating an educational and fun early literacy program at MPL, and it is my hope that the new assistant is able to take all of the things I have accomplished, and do MUCH MUCH MORE!  As we all know, the little children of today, are the doctors, teachers, nurses, lawyers, police officers, firefighters, ballerinas, astronauts and anything else you can think, of tomorrow.  And in my (humble) opinion, it all starts with EARLY LITERACY!
     This isn't goodbye.. just a see you later!  And in the words of one of my favorite movies, "You've got a friend in me."

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