Friday, August 24, 2012

Once Upon a Story... Summer Story Times Week 3 and 4

     Still in catch-up mode, but I think I am going to accomplish my goal!  Hopefully I will be caught up by the time August comes to a close!  I can’t believe I just said that!  Where in the world did August go?!  Oh well, let’s get back to the task at hand, Summer Reading Story Times weeks three and four!


     No, we didn’t really have a slumber party!  But believe me when I say I think the kids would have loved it!  Instead of having a slumber party, the kids were told to come to the library in their pajamas.  We made slumber party crafts and read books about pajamas!  It was a lot of fun and fit perfectly with the “Once Upon a Story,” theme.

This book is SO CUTE!  It is great for both boys and girls.
I was able to discuss colors and patterns and the kids were able
to yell out the answers!  Nothing is better than yelling out an answer!

The kids made these sleep masks out of
felt and sequins.  Our weren't as fancy as these,
but the kids still seemed to enjoy them.

Oh My Goodness!  This book is TOO CUTE!
It has a great moral lesson about listening to one's
parents and all the kids in class loved it.
One little girl wouldn't leave the library unless I let her check it out.
I had the bigger kids make something similar to this.
I gave each kid a piece of felt rolled to look like a bag.
They were then able to add hair, googly eyes, and a smile
to make it look like themselves in a sleeping bag!


     I don’t know about you, but I was always interested in things that can glow in the dark.  When I found out that Summer Reading was a night theme, I just knew that I needed to end Story Times with this theme!

This book went PERFECT with our summer theme.  It also
had both fireflies and owls to go with our crafts!
WARNING:  This book is faith-based.  However, I was
able to gloss over the faith-based portion by only
reading the letter and what it stood for.

What kid doesn't love Band-Aids?
Glow in the dark Band-Aid fireflies!  Enough, said!

I stuck with the glow in the dark theme for our second craft.
I had each kid color an owl.  Afterwards, they brought the owl
to me and I painted around its eyes with glow in the dark paint.
The kids LOVED it and we couldn't keep the bathroom lights on
with all the kids desperate to see their owls glow! :) 

Lastly, I just couldn't find that perfect glow in the dark book.
So, I went the easy route, a back to school book.  The kids at my last Story Time
were headed back to school and this book was great for getting them excited
to go back, and for some, start school for the first time! 

     Well, that seems to be the end of Summer Reading Story Times.  For those of you who don’t know, this is also the end of my time here at the Mooresville Public Library.  I will be posting one more “Goodbye” blog with a few more details about my newest adventure.  Don’t worry, though, the new Early Literacy Assistant will take over right where I left off!
     I hope you have enjoyed all of the hard work I have put into this blog.  My biggest wish is that this blog was able to spark an idea with someone, somewhere!  Stay tuned for Miss Jaymi’s LAST INSTALLMENT!

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