Thursday, May 24, 2012

Time to Celebrate… MOM!

     Ok, ok!  I know Mother’s Day is long gone, but oh well.  I’m still playing catch up and I want to celebrate my mom.  As I said in the letter X blog, my mom is pretty fantastic!  I know I already posted a picture of her, but here’s another one just in case you missed it! And this time, my sister, Erika, make her blog debut!

     As you know, we have completed our alphabet crafts for the year, so I am going to continue this week with theme crafts. Below is the craft my two and three year olds made for their mothers.
     Mother's Day is a tad bit hard to celebrate at the library because most of the kids come with their mothers. I always try to add a surprise element, though. This year, I had the kids and their guardians cut out their hand and then give it to me. I had already prepared the poem, so it was easy to step out of the room for a couple of minutes and glue the hand down. I then gave the kids their hands back and asked them to give it to their mothers. So, there was a little surprise in it and the mothers' loved the cute little poem attached.

     As for my four to six year olds, I wanted them to be able to give their moms a bouquet of flowers.  Now I thought this would be a little bit difficult, however, after a quick little search on the internet, I took two different ideas to create the bouquet below.  It turned out great because each mom got a bouquet of flowers they could put on their tables that would never die!

Cut flowers out of pretty paper and punch a hole in the middle.
Have child put a "bendy" straw through the hole for the stem.

Cut a "vase" out of cardstock and have the kids decorate it.
Tape the vase to a toilet paper tube.  It is important to tape
the bottom of the toilet paper tube so that the flowers
do not fall through.

Place the flowers into the vase and VOILA!
A beautiful vase of flowers that will NEVER DIE!
     There are a lot of great picture books in the world about mom, and why wouldn’t there be?  Moms are REALLY important.  Here a few that I read to the kids.

     Lastly, I found a really great song on iTunes about Mother’s Day.  It’s very cute with a good beat. Here’s a quick little video I made.  Can you find my mom and sister in it?

     That seems to be it for our extra special Mother's Day post!  I hope you and your family had a fantastic Mother's Day!  Remember to appreciate your mom every mother's day, not just on Mother's Day.  Thanks and see you soon!

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  1. Great photo of you, your Mom, and your sister, Wild Thang. Wow! You and your sister really do look a lot alike.